My experience at Cherry Pulp – Building not only websites, but also human relations

My experience at Cherry Pulp – Building not only websites, but also human relations

This summer I've been out of my office. I moved my bags and projects from Iași (Romania) to Bruxelles (Belgium). Due to the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (EYE) programme I had the opportunity to participate in an exchange of experience at Cherry Pulp, the digital agency from Bruxelles full of vitamins.

The EYE programme is a cross-border project, facilitating the exchange of knowledge between a newly established entrepreneur with a well-experienced one, running a small or a medium size enterprise (SME). It's the way Europe tries to boost the entrepreneurial spirit in EU and to increase the number of start-ups and their business resilience. If you want to find out more, you may access this link.

For me it was a fascinating cultural experience and also huge opportunity to discover new business options and to learn more about digital. At the moment, I own a communication and marketing agency in Romania : PRING. My journalistic background (almost 20 years as a reporter and tv producer) offers me the opportunity to deliver PR, media strategy and social media services. But, in order to evolve, I wanted to improve my digital skills. This is why I have applied for the internship at Cherry Pulp.

The company

My staying at Cherry Pulp overlapped (coincided) with a time of renewal for the company. Redefining the communication strategy, designing the new mission and values, a new website, impressive recruiting plans and international expansion– were some of the main management directions.

For me, the most impressive part – and from which I have learned the most – was the internal organisational culture. An advantage and a quality impossible to be copied, which I think supports the entire performance of the company.

  • First of all it was about manifesting authenticity inside and outside the office (including on digital channels) not because it sounded like a good marketing tactic, but because it's the way they are.
  • Their objectives, both as a business and as individuals, exceeds making money. It's not like it's not important, but first it's more about the client satisfaction and the team mentality.
  • It was also about the way they are articulating the new mission and values, looking deeply inside their company and not running away from the tough questions. It's also about involving the entire team in this process.
  • They care. It's not only about commercial interests, it's also about kindness and gratitude.
  • It's about producing creative work, but with serious results, in order to leave something meaningful behind.
  • In the end, it's not only about building website (the Cherry Pulp's core business activity), but it's also about building human relations.

It was a learning experience especially on this human part of the story. It was about founding the fulfillment in performance through powerful and honest relations and about approaching a business not only through financial and technical issues, but also through a human touch.

Thank you, guys!


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