Squoosh – An image optimization tool from Google

Squoosh – An image optimization tool from Google

Google has launched a new application available on desktop and mobile : Squoosh

Squoosh allows you to optimize an image for the web. This tool can be particularly useful when you have a very high quality image, which is also very heavy and you want to integrate it into your website.

By using this tool, you can resize, compress, modify, in short, optimize any image for the web.

In short, it's simple, if you are not an ace in Photoshop, Lightroom or Gimp, this tool will change your life!

The main advantage of this tool is that it has a slider that you can move to see the difference in quality between the modified image and the basic one. In other words, you have the possibility to see the before/after of your image. This will allow you to measure the impact of your modifications.

On the application, you will also have the choice between a light and a dark background to satisfy everyone's desires and to satisfy dark mode fans. Moreover, you can also use this tool when you don't have an internet connection. This little extra can be very useful in certain situations.

This application is accessible from any search engine. To use it, nothing could be simpler, you must go to this site. Then you have to drag and drop or upload your image on the application. Then you can move the different sliders to optimize the image to your liking.

As for the export of the image, you will have the choice between these different formats:

OptiPNG, MozJPG, WebP, or PNG, JPG and WebP for search engines.

Here is a small video to give you an idea of this new app.

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