Search engines – 6 alternatives to Google, committed to a good cause

Search engines – 6 alternatives to Google, committed to a good cause

As far as search engines are concerned, Google is today the undisputed market leader. According to figures from GlobalStat by October 2018, Google has a 92.74% market share. It is followed far, far behind by Yahoo and Bing! with 2.32% and 2.17% respectively.

Google is an ultra functional, fast and very powerful search engine. So you're going to tell me: Why change? Simply because there are other alternatives. These are, of course, perhaps a little less powerful but they are intended to be committed, supportive, ecological and humanitarian. In short, they are more ethical solutions that are worth using!

Engaged search engines: How do they work?

Engaged search engines are all well and good, but you're probably wondering how it all works?

In reality, they are based on a very simple mode of operation: a part of the advertising revenues of the engines in question is donated to the various causes.

Thus, users can use them for free like any other search engine.

Ecosia - Surfing for reforestation

Ecosia is a social company that has been fighting for reforestation around the world since 2009. On Ecosia, it takes about 45 searches to plant a tree. Thus, 42 million trees have already been planted. However, this considerable number is still small compared to the huge number of trees that are cut down every day in the world.

If you decide to use Ecosia, to make your research more stimulating, it has a small personal counter that allows you to see how many searches you are doing.  This will allow you to set yourself small personal challenges to contribute to the reforestation of the planet.

See the presentation video

Lilo - Surfing for social and environmental projects

Lilo, a solidarity search engine created in 2015 that defends social and environmental projects. The searches carried out have already raised more than €1,260,000. The principle is simple, you carry out searches, each search is equivalent to 1 drop of water. You must therefore multiply your research in order to collect a maximum of water drops that you can then donate to the project of your choice.

Thanks to the water drops you generate, Lilo also offsets its carbon emissions.

See the presentation video

Ecogine - Surfing for the environment

Ecogine is an associative ecological search engine created in 2008 which has a particularity of compensating the Co2 emissions generated by the use of the platform. They justify their compensation by donating money to specialized organizations.

On Ecogine, Internet users can vote to elect the associations they want to defend. The profits generated by Ecogine will then be given back to the associations that have the most votes.

Another small particularity, Internet users also have the possibility to propose certain associations to defend.

Goodsearch - Surfing to defend the humanitarian association of your choice

Goodsearch does not have the most attractive interface, but it does allow to support humanitarian projects. On Goodsearch you can choose the project you want to defend. This search engine also offers discount coupons.

See the presentation video


Blackle is a search engine created by Heap Media and available in more than 50 countries around the world. The concept is simple, the site is only available in dark mode, which saves electricity. To motivate the users, the search engine contains a small meter that shows the amount of Wh saved.


YouCare is THE search engine for animal lovers. Indeed, after 45 searches on this French search engine, the company offers a meal to abandoned animals.

Small plus (but not the least), these engaged search engines all offer the possibility to add an extension to Google Chrome as well as to other browsers.

So don't wait any longer and surf for the good cause!

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